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Miniature F22 Scratch build questions

I am looking to build my first scratch build, and before I order a bunch of stuff from Hobby King, i got to thinking. I have a spare UM 2-28, and was considering using it's internals for a ultra micro f22. What do you guys think? Is it doable?

I was looking at the plans for the F22, and I could shrink them down, use the combined Receiver/ESC/Servo board, the motor, and some foam board to build it. It wouldn't cost much, (which is nice because college is expensive) :p

Any thoughts? Is it possible?



It is completely doable, in my opinion. I think the only thing that could bite you is the weight of materials used. As long as the final weight is comparable to the UM T-28 you should be fine.

Pilot294 on here tore apart his UM Misquito and scratchbuilt a beautiful little P-38 from foam. I think he used laminated dollar store foam board. In the end, it was underpowered for the weight. Looked fantastic, though!