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Model Plane Foam - MPF


Staff member

We had a chance to talk with the guys from Model Plane Foam and they shared with us more details on their specially designed foam.

model plane foam 1.jpg

Unlike foamboard which has paper glued on it, and fanfold foam which typically comes in pink or blue and has perforations in it, MPF (Model Plane Foam) is
2 lb/cuft density, smooth, flat, unperforated and white!

model plane foam 2.jpg model plane foam 6.jpg

MPF can be cold - shaped on the edge of a table or heated with a heat gun to create great custom designs and shapes.

You can check out some samples of the planes that customers have made with MPF at the website:

model plane foam 5.jpg

Though, not currently available on their website, at the JR Indoor Electric Festival MPF was offering complete scratch built kit accessories containing motor, ESC, propeller, battery, and other accessories needed to build a full functioning foam plane!

model plane foam 3.jpg model plane foam 4.jpg

We purchased a few boxes of MPF, so stay tuned for more details from Flite Test as we test it out and try some scratch builds.

To find out more check out ModelPlaneFoam.com