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Model Plane Foam


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Just hoping to make my fellow foamie addicts aware of a new product out there. Model Plane Foam, what is it?

Model Plane Foam or MPF as we like to call it, came about as the result good quality fan fold foam getting scarce and in some cases not even available in various parts of the country. Since we use this foam whether it is pink or blue, or white in the case of Readiboard from the Dollar Tree store. We decided to go to the manufacture of these products to see if they would produce a product more suitable and ready made for the hobby market. Dow, Owens Corning, and Readiboard are all essentially the same product. There may be slight variation in formulation and density, but the are all extruded polystyrene foam, as is Depron.

After many phone calls and attempts to get some positive response, we finally succeeded by doing some informal market research. Once convinced that there was a market out there, the next hurdle was marketing and distribution. So three foamie modelers set out to form a corporation that would fulfill that role, and so was born, from the mother of necessity, Model Plane Foam Inc.

The result is a 6mm foam in 24" x 48" sheets in 2 lbs per cu. ft. density. White in color, no skin, no printing, and no perforations as is the case for the construction materials. Just clean white goodness that is easily painted and glued together.

Our product, unlike Depron is domestically produced in the mitten state of Michigan. MPF is not as brittle as Depron making it more durable in the event of mishaps (like those never happen). MPF may be used where ever you would use Depron. MPF is also much more economical, a 16 sheet box costs $50 plus $15 for shipping anywhere in the continental United States.

Visit our humble website at www.modelplanefoam.com

More indepth reading here
Once you try it, you may never go back.

Ken :)
Partner in Model Plane Foam Inc.

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I've built several planes and KFM2 wings out of MPF.
I cover it with Doculam and find it to be quite durable.
It's sandable and easy to work with.

I have found a uk supplier for coloured foam board single side colour only. Would be ok for fusalages and wings but have to buy 100 sheets minimum. The size is A2 only I was thinking of supplying some kits cut on my laser cutter
but obviously not anybody elses plans without their permission.

It is also possible to raster images onto the foam as it acts similar to laserable laminates. Would possibly work on a loyalty type basis or similar.

I am no designer myself. Anybody interested?
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Wow, this sounds like a really promising product to use with the Decal Plan method (see localfiend's thread <http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?21550-Decal-Plans-Everybody-Join-In>)! At just 2x the cost of DTF (delivered!) it is still a really inexpensive building material. I'll have to order a box as soon as my building room clears up a little - got too many projects under work atm...