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Monster 3D

Has anyone built any other big 150+% foamboard planes? I'v searched the forums but I find oddly low number of giant builds?

Yea I actually built a 215% FT 3D but I scaled it on some drawings of a Zivco Edge 540 because I was too lazy to cut out a bunch of paper. I also built it on an internship in a dorm room, so I didn't have my normal tools (or any of them) and my plug in wings were a wee bit floppy haha. I ended up throwing it away but I actually started on V2 and will post about it here.


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Hey Guys, I am brand new to rc plane building and enjoyed the ft flyer swappable and am getting a mustang for christmas:p ya, its not going to be a surprise. Anyways, I am hoping to build a 200% mustang this summer and would love to see you guys do it. I will be building other airplanes till then. Thanks so much.

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