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motor and bent shafts

I love my swappables I have 3 now and looking forward to the spitfire. The one problem I am having is all my belly landings are bending the prop shafts. I am not using prop savers and the motor is an exceed rc 1300kv. Looking for some suggestions I have the landing gear on the baby blonder but the blood wonder does not.



The exceeds have threaded shafts, right? Those bend way too easily. I have replaced mine with non-threaded shafts of the same diameter with success. Its really easy to do - just pop the clip off the back of the shaft and pull it out of the stator. Then loosen the set screws attaching the shaft to the bell housing and tap out lightly with a hammer. Reassemble with a new shaft in reverse fashion.
The best way to keep from damaging prop shafts during landing, is to not land on them. If landing on the props is a must, the you really need to use a prop saver. Unless you can catch the plane there really inst another way.
other then buying a shaft and waiting for it to be shipped any ideas on some things to use that you can buy at the hardware store homedepot. I have heard of some guys using the end of a cheap drill bit.


Royalstar - how badly is your shaft bent? Do you have a vice that you can use to straighten? My cheap and impatient nature has led me to straightening many a prop shaft. It takes a little patience and never comes out perfect, but has gotten me back in the air quickly.

Pull the prop shaft, carefully clamp in a vice to remove the worst of the bends. Then, using a hammer and the flat surface of the vice, tap it while rolling the shaft back and forth. You will be able to get the worst of it out, but it will not be a smooth running motor until you get a replacement.