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Motor Connection for NightHawk Pro 280 (ARF)

image.png Hi guys,

So I have been flying my Nighthawk Pro 280 (ARF) pretty hard recently and I had a crashed which has wiped out my motor which I had ordered and now arrived. My only question is what is the connection for connecting my motor to the ESC/PDB? It looks like a plug with three pins and where can I get hold of one? I snapped one of the pins as I removing the old motor from my frame :(

Any help would be great

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Some guy in the desert
I believe (but I'm not at home to 100% confirm) it's a 3pin JST XH connector:
(pins are separate but it looks like you still have yours)

If it is JST XH then it should be the same as what's used for a 2S balance plug. I'll try and confirm tonight when I get home.

Of course you could always just unsolder the connector from the board and then just solder the wires directly...they may be a bit short though so you'd probably have to extend them a bit. And you'd have to clean off the conformal coating (alcohol dissolves it fairly well) first and then replace it so things don't short out....