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Motor for most swappables.


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That NTM would probably work for all those with some tweaking on the prop sizing and cell counts. Just use a wattmeter and make sure you aren't frying anything.


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That motor should power all those planes without a problem. Use the watt meter to make sure you don't exceed the listed specs for this motor. Make sure the prop you use does not cause the motor to draw more current than it is rated for.
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I've decided to dive into the deep end from the get go... I'm going to have 3 power pods. 1 with the 24 gram Hextronic (for the smaller, slower stuff) and 2 with the NTM Prop Drive 28-26A 1200kv. (For the FT Cruiser and all the others can share). I geeked out and even started a spreadsheet on the motor combos for all of the swappables. These two motors (right now) cover ALL the FT swappables.

Now about that tri-copter...


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I would also go with the NTM motor. I have two of those on my FT cruiser and even though I made it out of the heavier foam board, it has plenty of power to go with 9x6 props and 25 amp plush ESC's. I'm debating on going with a Grayson Hobby super mega jet motor for my Versa though...