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Motor Mount

I'm working on a multi engine foamy. Its our first foamy ever. I need to mount the motors on the wings and I didn't think about it when we made the wing. So what's the best solution for mounting the motor? Wood, metal brackets???


Old and Bold RC PILOT
A simple for retro fitting wing mounted engines is to draw out the profile of the wing where the motor is to be fitted and cut out the profile for the LE to the Spar line or just past it. Normally I add a few tongues in the cutout (similar to those used to secure the Power Pod in FT designs).

Then the width of the engine pod should be determined and slots for the engine Nacelle tongues should be cut into the wing Fit a top and/or bottom sheet on the nacelles and glue on the motor firewall. If the motor has a strong pull I might also add a central wedge to support the centre of the firewall. All contact parts of the nacelle with the wing are glued into place and a small hole is cut into the wing for the motor connections under the nacelle of course.

For really strong motor pull I would consider driving a BBQ skewer through each side on the Nacelle through the wing and into the nacelle side on the other side of the wing.

Just one method to Hack a wing to take a motor!!