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  1. Mid7night

    Part FT Radial Motor Mount v1

    This is the motor mount I made and used on the Yellow Jacket. It has 16x16 hole spacing to match the new FT Radial hole pattern.
  2. Mid7night

    Part 3D Printed EDF Duct - 1106 Gremlin Motor v4

    This is the print file for the custom EDF motor-mount-ducts that I designed for my 7ft B-52. It has been updated to work with 2" props, and has motor mount holes for the 1106 size motors.
  3. F

    First Post / Camera Mount for FatShark 700tvl CMOS v2

    Hello everyone, I am new to the Flitetest forums, and am looking for a camera mount for my new FPV camera. I just bought a FatShark 700TVL CMOS v2. I am new to FPV, and am looking for a cheap mount that can be tilted up or down, depending on how fast I want to fly. I know racers often use FPV...
  4. C

    Motor Mount

    I'm working on a multi engine foamy. Its our first foamy ever. I need to mount the motors on the wings and I didn't think about it when we made the wing. So what's the best solution for mounting the motor? Wood, metal brackets???
  5. R

    FT210 HD camera mounting

    Hi I am new here. I just built the FT210 quad and have gotten to the point where I am flying it more than crashing it. So now I want to buy a camera like a Go Pro session or Polaroid cube and get some footage of my relatively tame flights. Thing is I am not sure how I would mount that cube style...
  6. kacknor

    Camera / Mounts For Self Made Videos?

    What video camera and or mount system is most popular or easy (read: Cheap) to capture Maidens and other flights? I normally don't have anyone capable of molding a camera steady and flying with one hand is a skill I don't possess. Last night I maidened my newest Mini Sportster...
  7. U

    Power Pack C Motor Advice?

    I recently finished my FT Spitfire, but ordered the wrong motor (small, 29 gram Hextronic). The plane flew, but had awful aileron authority, probably due to the low airspeed. I ordered the larger motor, (http://tinyurl.com/ozmops4) an NTM Prop Drive Series but could not find any clear...
  8. aslansknight

    FPV Board Camera Mount - 3D Printer

    I ordered an FPV kit from HobbyKing a while back but didn't give any thought as to how I would mount it to my Quadrotor. (I built the Electrohub air frame from the FliteTest store.) Since I didn't have a good mounting solution, I let the FPV stuff sit in its box for a while. Since then I have...
  9. F

    Motor Mounting!

    Hey Guys, Before I start, this isn't really a scratch build but it's the only place I could think of to post this. So I picked up this little hand launch glider from my local hobby store when I was bored, and got the idea of converting it into a powered glider/plane. I have 2 Turnigy Park 300...
  10. A

    F450 go pro mount ideas (to exclude the props from the shot).

    Hi All, I've been tinkering with my F450 re-arranging things a little bit. I've also created a anti-jello mount, however I've decided I don't like the props in view. I have been tempted to get a deadcat style frame and transfer over to that, however before i do, does anyone have any ideas...
  11. I

    Gopro mount idea

    A while ago it occurred to me that maybe everyone is overthinking this whole gopro mount thing. What if you were to utilize the factory mounting system since it's already a hinge? I finally got around to drawing something up in sketchup and was wanting some feedback. There would be a thrust...
  12. Will

    Suggestions: Radio Mount for Monitor, Video RX, and Telemetry

    Hi. I'm searching for a good mount for my 9X radio to attach a 4" display, RC805 video RX, Quanum telemetry display, and a 3000mAh 3S battery. Can you guys give me some tips of a good way to do it? Links to diy projects are wellcome. Tnx. (here is an example of a guy who did what I'm looking...
  13. Hamdhan

    Which Setup? Ideas?

    Hi guys, I was a noob a few months ago, now I am...moving out of the noob zone, but a few months ago, I purchased a JXF 13x8 prop from HobbyKing, I thought it would just fit onto my EDF outrunner but it didnt, so, now is when I have decided to ask some questions: Which motor should I get? Which...
  14. Hamdhan

    Mounting EDFs

    Dear Flitetest Community, I recently finished building my EPX 900NX, its an Eco friendly flier. It is my FIRST plane so it looks kinda messy but its quite good for a first try I'd say. The plane takes off but is really tail heavy so I shall correct it soon. But for now, I have mounted the EDF's...