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Motor numbers and sizes

Hey guys,
I would love to have someone explain what the numbers on the motors signifies. I am as of yet thinking they may relate to the Zip code they are produced in when made in China...


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Yeah, I would appreciate such a short FT-Video as well.

I know what a 1700kv motor is, but what are these numbers like 2212/6 or whatever.


Gremlin on the Wing
I think this is a good area to discuss as well, there is very little knowledge of such things anywhere I have asked. I have been motor shopping lately, and am baffled by all the numbers, sizes, Amperages, and kV ratings. I overheard someone saying last night at a fly-in, that the 2212/6 type numbers are somehow relative to the windings/poles count/wire gauge, and such, but he wasn't sure how it all went together.