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Motor powering

I am new to micro electronics
how to power a 10000kv 1103 brushless motor through esc and without anything like F.C or without anything else. I found a 2-3s esc which had only two wires-black and white excluding the main power wires{red and black}.so it couldn't match the receiver channel 1 or 3. I added a positive red wire to the esc so it formed three wires-red, white and black. and connected to the receiver and power wires{red and black} to a lipo battery. the result was that the motors just vibrates even after trying swapping in six different ways. there is a picture given. you can see that I soldered a red wire {which was not there with the product before}
please help and this was my idea.
Thank you


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The motor & esc are looking for 7-12v. The Rx is looking for 5v. Someone is going to be unhappy, I'm not sure who.

Try giving the Rx 5v & the Esc 7-12v to see if it makes any difference.


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Did you hook the ESC up to a receiver or servo tester? (when it just vibrates?)

Oh, and 7.2V (2s) is getting close to the failure point of your servo's. The RX will survive up to 9, but the servo's are usually 6 (I need to put one on my bench at work and see how high of a voltage it will actually survive)

On small planes that I use quad ESC's on, I either use an external BEC (5V) or just make a small adapter to use on the balance plug of the battery. GND and 1st pin will give you 3.7V, which is fine for most small planes.
The esc's with two wires to receiver don't have a 5v output and are intended for quads which would have a separate board to provide power for the brains of the machine. If the esc has three wires going out it has a bec (battery eliminator circuit) which drops the battery voltage down to a 5v output for the receiver and servos. What you have done by adding direct battery voltage to the receiver and servos will probably damage something with a 2s battery and would absolutely damage it on 3s. External bec units aren't super expensive. I Normally only buy esc's with a bec built in (they will always be advertised with bec in the title or description)