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Help! Motor problems!

Dear helper,

I've just build my first rc plane, and I'm now trying to connect all the electronics together.
Unfortunatly I'm having difficulties with the motor, for some reason it does not react on throttle movement. When I switch the switch on the left side of the transmitter, the motor starts spinning for a few seconds on 8 volts.
I plugged the ESC in channel 3 of the receiver, the voltage of the battery is 11.2 volts, the transmitter is turned on before the receiver is, the throttle is al the way down when transmitter is turned on and all the servo's are working fine.

Does anyone know what I do wrong?

down below a picture of my setup, and the products I use;
Transmitter & receiver-->https://hobbyking.com/nl_nl/turnigy-t6a-v2-afhds-2-4ghz-6ch-transmitter-w-receiver-v2-mode-2.html


Kind regards,



4s mini mustang
Did you soldier connectors onto the esc? You probably won’t be able to fly if the esc isn’t plugged in properly. Also, 11.2 volts is a little low. Full charge on a 3s lipo is 12.6 volts.
Did you calibrate the throttle?
No, I did not calibrate or programmed the transmitter.

After a two hours internet search I've only found some people who also had trouble in the beginning with this transmitter, due to lack of information. Unfortunatly they didn't share how they solved their programming problems.

Does anyone know how I can program this transmitter?


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In the picture, you don’t have an XT60 or bullet connectors soldered on to the ESC. I’m not sure how you are testing the motor.

Sometimes the throttle channel in the transmitter (Tx) needs to be reversed. It’s good that you don’t have the prop on, leave it off until you get everything resolved.
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