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Help! Motor shut off at 60% thrust problem

Hello friends
when I increace throttole , my motor initially runs fine but at around 60 % throttole, it shuts off . Howewer , this doesn't hapen when I run the motor without the prop
Any Ideαs whαt causes this and how can I fix it ?


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Is your battery fully charged? Is the ESC you have big enough for the motors full load? Did you calibrate the ESC?


Old and Bold RC PILOT
The most likely cause is that your battery cannot supply enough current at full throttle. It could be that the "C" rating of the battery is too low, the battery is not fully charged, or the wires going from the battery to the ESC are too small in diameter, too long, or too resistive.

It sounds like the voltage from the battery getting to the ESC is "Sagging" and the ESC low voltage cut out is being triggered!

Have fun!
I have used this electronics setup for a while now and my battery was fully chaged when this happened , so I assume the batery-ESC connection has been damaged .


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You might try swapping out the ESC.
Also battery performance does tail off over time, if you have a lower capacity 25C battery it might have a bad cell or not be performing like it was new.