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Motor spin

Hi, I am new and sorry if this isn't the right spot for this... My motors slightly spin as soon as I plug in battery... I have searched youtube and followed advise and it still happens... Hardware is a stock Diatone Tyrant 215 pre built... Flashed ESC's with new firmware to get all motors going with one shot as this was a known issue with early batches of this product. Please help me :(
If you mean slightly spin as in twitch, then that's normal. As long as it's not rotating around, or constantly twitching. The motor might twitch when first powering up, also beacons and motor noises can cause it to twitch.

Otherwise, calibrate youre throttle range and it should fix it.
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Just cant shut up!

Try adjusting your throttle trim downward, and the motors should stop.

Using traditional trim like for fixed wing after you did mid point setting with the sub trims will throw all your initial setups off as that will shift midpoint again as well as end points depending what direction you trim.

Do like RCpro says and change min motor setting in programing.
Yup, otherwise you cant be sure that full throttle is actually full throttle if all youre doing is adjusting the trims.

Most ESC you turn on youre radio and move the throttle to full position, then power up youre ESC, after first few beeps, move throttle to minimum position. The ESC should make a few more beeps, and then arm.

However the process isn't exactly the same for every ESC. I would make sure by looking for a manual online, and seeing throttle calibration. Otherwise you might accidentally enter setup, and you wont be wanting to be blindly changing settings.
most escs will send pulses to the motor to make them beep and sing. thuis can sometimes result in the mtoro actually twitching or rotating a small amount.\\