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motor swaps on cubs


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There’s a lot of different Cub models. Are you looking for motors for the FT Simple Cub or something else?


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It looks like it uses a 480 960kv motor, you can step up the KV to 11-1200 and spin a prop with less pitch faster, which will up your top speed. The motor mount is a plastic plate so shouldn’t be too hard to change the motor out, the main thing to watch out for will be greater power consumption which could cook your ESC, depends on how much extra headroom there is in the stock one.
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So this plane correct? If so flitetest’s new radial 2218 with a 9x6 or 10x4.5 would do the trick, might be tricky mounting the motor though. @DamoRC has done some testing with that motor so he’ll tell you if it’ll work ;).
Good luck with your modifications :).
The FT 2218 would definitely give it some oomph or you could try the Emax c-pack 2215. Either one will increase performance on this plane. You will need to replace the ESC also as the stock unit is an 18A unit. A 30A replacement would cover your needs for the FT 2218 Radial or EMax 2215. Here are the test data for the FT radial.
Thanks again DanoRC I have ordered the 2218 and am now going to order a coupe of different props probably a 10x6 and a 9x4.5 your test data was great reading I used to buid and race brushed motors for drag racing slotcasr assembling motors from components cutting comms and making shuts was my art also the new Neo Magnets have made incrediabe inroads in motor performance my best motor ran a scale 1/4 =27 ft in .501second@107 true mph now racers are doing .391@135+
unsure why I cant start a new thread but I am interested if anyone has used the carbon cub without vortex generators I understand the principal behind them but am thinking that concentrating on trimming and CG wil have a better effect on fight performance I know the carbon cub is not the most ideal plane to fly fast but having been an engineer most of my life I enjoy experimenting/tinkering with things to try and improve performance


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Pop into electric aircraft and post there, button you want is this one for a new thread.
If nobody has done it you can be first, then tell us what happened.