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Motors Spin Up & Stop Immediately

Hello everyone!

I'm new to the Naze32 Board, and currently having issues with my motors. I am running an AfroFlight Rev5 board along with DYS 1806 2300kv motors, Turnigy 10A ESCs, HK6S, and a Turnigy nano-tech 1.3A 3S battery. I am able to arm and disarm the motors using the transmitter perfectly, but the issues lie when raising the throttle to get the motors to spin up. I have tried to do several things, but no matter what the outcome is always the same. When I start it up I make sure that the FC is level and that all the connections are solid. In Clean Flight I test the motors to make sure their working in the motor tab, and sure enough they are. When I raise the throttle on the Tx, the motors spin up but only for a split second before they stop completely. Then when I bring the throttle back down and try to put it up again, it takes a higher throttle to get the motors working. It is frustrating and I can't seem to find any answers online, but if anyone knows how to solve this issue or at least get me on the right track it would be really helpful!

Thank you,


New member
What props are you using? I'm not much of a multirotor pro, but could be that the 10A ESCs aren't up to scratch.