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Mounting 30mm Flight Controllers on AnyCopter Hub

I just built the AnyCopter Tri 370 and when it came time to mount the Open Pilot CC3D flight controller I was a bit stumped. The CC3D has 30mm mounting holes, and none of the holes on the hub lined up with them. Further, you really need to be able to get to the USB port on the FC and if you sticky tape it to the bottom plate, you don't have room for a standard mini USB cable.

So I spent the afternoon at my local maker space and laser cut an adaptor board. Here are some pictures:

Here's the adapter fresh off the laser cutter:

The adapter mounted in the hub

The finished tricopter with CC3D flight controller

This works great!

If you have access to a laser cutter, here's the EPS file I used:

I made a couple extra, if anybody wants one, shoot me a PM, I'll send them anywhere in the US for $5. I think the Naze32 and a few other FCs have the same mounting hole pattern. You can print the EPS above to check.


Elemental Madness
hmm, looks familiar :)
Good to see you over here man, I thought I was the only Flitetest fanboy on the FPVlabs!
Hey Carbon - The Flitetest stuff is just too much fun to ignore. Plus I'm an Ohio boy at heart and have to support the home team.