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Solved Mounting propeller without a bullet/cone adapter


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Can you do that ? I've been looking around and can't find the answer, at least I couldn't find anyone saying "don't do it". I bought a PROPDRIVE V2 2826 1100kv Brushless Outrunner Motor and it comes with a shaft pressure adapter and a 3 bolt adapter, and naively I think that mounting the propeller without a cone will work just fine. Am I facing catastrophic results ? Total noob question of course. I will start a topic on my Simple Scout from FT plans soon but I'm gathering specific information for now.


Take care guys


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The silver part screws into the spinning part of the motor, then the prop goes over the shaft, with the nut holding it all on.
Make sure the prop is a tight fit on the shaft, it comes with a few collars to help you with that. If one is close but too tight you can widen it a bit with a reamer or hobby knife.
Lots of flying hours and numerous crashes in the same set up here. On a Sportster, same size as the Scout, in heavy EU foamboard. Note home made firewall. It’s fine without a spinner, you don’t need one, sure they look nice but not at all essential.


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You're always helpful mate, thanks a lot. It looks like I'm going to be ready to fly soon then :) Still following all your advice mate, thanks again.