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MS Bf-110 build & plans

Just follow a few basic tutorials on youtube then try it yourself. You can also ask people on the forums for help
The best strategy for me is to make a model in your head, and then try to replicate it in cad. I watch a lot of the ms build videos so i can get a understanding of how things fit together and work. If you know the result you want to get to, it's surprisingly easier to model.
@Whit Armstrong i am dissapointed... i want to start designing my plane in fusion 360........ that is all i need to say.... HOW TO USE CAD
Sounds familiar! CoVid got me building for most of the flying year so I got hooked on building. We literally have planes in every corner of the house and have no clue where the next one will be parked. I had the idea that I could recycle the electronics by flying and crashing but that isn't the case. Too much work goes into the end product and I feel like Kermit Weeks with no excuse about what to fly on the weekends lol.