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MSBP Almost Aerobatic


I know nothing!
Flying the Mini Scout Biplane. I put a no-name 1000kv on it with a eight-inch prop. The motor and esc weren't even warm when I brought her in. This is one of the three batteries I flew with her today. I am trying to learn some 3D because it's fun. I managed a bit of a hover, a bit of a harrier and a whole lot of just throwing her around. These are the flights I'm in the hobby for. :)

It just flies really, really good! I've got some ideas to make it more aerobatic, since that's where my fun is. I modified the Mini Scout tail even more when I made the Mini Scout Speed Racer. I'm really curious to see what the increased control surface is like on this plane.

For the future. The group Spitfire build starts tomorrow! :D