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Multiplex EasyGlider PRO


Epoxi Flyer
Hello friends !

So, winter finally caught up with this side of the World and I decided to take a walk at the Mall, of course i had a Evil Plan undercover: Pay a visit to this new Hobby Shop that opened at the referred mall.

Most of stuff was expensive, US$ 700,00 for a Aurora 9, some US$ 400,00 foamies i would buy for 100,00 at Hobby King and so on ...

But something caught my attention !!! the EASYGLIDER PRO (kit) at US$ 120,00 !!!!

I had to take it home before they adjust the price ! its almost the same price i would get at TOWER HOBBIES and i dont have to wait, pay for shipping and customs fees !

Here it is: the Kit is FLAWLESS !!

ezglider3.jpg ezglider2.jpg ezglider1.jpg

Now I must decide; do I want it as light as possible to become a thermal seeker or do I tune up following suit to my Bixler to Hot Rod Style / WarmLiner style with big motor and props ?

I still have some spares at home;

I have this KDA 22-15 spare from my QUAD with 30A plush esc. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=2105&aff=583764

might try it with a 10x6 APC folding.

the recommended TUNING setup from multiplex site:

Motor Type:Brushless Out Runner
Size D x L:35 x 42 mm
Weight:134 g

So im inclined to order this with a 60A Plush:


Also i might order some carbon strips to reinforce the wings, the horizontal stabilizer and a rod to embed into the fuselage.

Also i might want to try to MONOKOTE the wings as David W. did with his Blizzard to add some stiffness.

Any thoughts ???

Renato "KKArioKA"
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Rotor Riot!
A hobby shop in a mall selling professional gear won't be so successful. You have to appeal to the public with small cheap toy-planes if you're going to stay in business.

Multiplex planes are really good!


Propaganda machine
Yeah, looks like a good glider. I was very close to buying one a couple of months ago, when trying to choose between a Thunder Tiger eHawk 1500 and the Easy Glider. The latter was slightly cheaper, but my oldest son (7) got angry at me for even wanting to look at the Easy after looking at the eHawk! I justified it to myself by the eHawk's motor being included. I'm really happy with the eHawk, but I still wonder what the Easy would be like...


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
This video contains content from EMI, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

Sorry about that.


watching the boxed plane sitting under my bench was too much for me ... still waiting for motor, rudder/elevator servos and esc.

Since its a pretty simple KIT, not much to do beside glueing it together.

I messed up on the snakes for the pushrods; its a 3 piece setup: thin wire, inner snake and outer snake wich is glued to the fuselage; I managed to glue the inner snake into the outer snake and fuselage when i was pressing it against the CA glue on the channel.

TAKE CARE ON THAT STEP !! dont spread glue close to the outer snake end like i did :( !! I dont think it will be that bad for the plane, but its not as smooth mechanism as it should be.

Fixed the aileron servos in place and the spar cover, tested it with a 10 mm CF spar and its a snug fit, very happy with the result, also glued the control horns, at first i was about to discard them and use the Dubro's i have stored with 3 screws, but the thick CA gave me confidence to use the stock ones.

ezglider fitted.jpg

Right now im deciding if i should or not reinforce the wings with CF strips;

My plan is to make a wing sandwich with 2 CF strips, 1 at top and 1 at bottom of the wing, glued with CA, i might do it till the start of the curve for the winglet, the goal is to eliminate the flex in wings and flutter at high power/speed.

cf strips.jpg wing reinforcement.jpg wing reinforcement2.jpg
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Hello from RIO, Olympic city !

The parts for my EZGlider PRO arrived !! so anxious to put it together that I almost forgot to take some pictures !

The motor fitted like a glove, plenty of power ! i had to use a piece of depron to fill the blanks on the corona servos bed.

A little "Oversized ESC" heheh

motor ezgpro esc e servos.jpg

Little mod on the horizontal stabilizer, thinking of inserting a thin rod in the vertical ... ezgpro estabilizador MOD.jpg

Im pretty happy with the glueing; straight as a arrow !!
fuseca do ezgpro.jpg
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Marlboro Mclaren - EasyGlider PRO


Do you guys recall Ayrton Senna ??

the Marlboro Mclaren - EasyGlider PRO is Ready to Fly !!

one flew over the cuckoo´s nest


it flew very nicely as expected; i was amazed with the vertical ascent i could get from this power setting.

strong wind of more than 30km/h

you can hear me and my friend laughing about it !!

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