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Multiwii Pro with MTK 3329 module


Junior Member
Hi All
New to this site and new to multirotors. I could do with a bit of help and pointing in the right direction. I have just bought the Hobby King Multiwii Pro with MTK 3329 module, motors, speedies etc also the rotor bones any coptor and 13-370 motor mounts. I have watched the construction vids and I am still unclear as to the proceedure for getting the control board up and running. As with most things from Hobby King it came with no instructions, I have looked at all the files in the file tab and im still not too clear how to enable the GPS module and how to use the control board. Do I need to load soft and/or firm ware? I can hook the board up to my PC...but whats next
Have a search on youtube for setting up the multi wii pro and gps by jared reabow. I used his video's and file downloads for setting up the board and for flashing to mpng. It does take alot of setting up tho to get it to fly properly. HTH