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My first FT build - FT Duster

Wasn't quite into RC plains until a friend referred me to this site - simply amazing!

Spend 3 nights to finish my first scratch building FT plane - Dusty:(had 2 sets of eyes...easy fly and the game-on face:))

830984919.jpg 11738713.jpg 48602055.jpg 316948501.jpg

(Just one small question, the original plan, there are 2 holes at the front of fuselage and I guess it shall goes to the 2 front hole on the power pod, however due to the position of the 2stick foam(for firewall slots), the front tabs wont reach the 2 slots on the top of the fuselage so I puch another 2 holes-figuring that will give some extra support to the powerpod...no big deal but it's also some experience gained from this.)

There's a ripslinger on my desk and I'm going to build it as it's raining all weekend ...

Thank you so much FliteTest. Really appreciate the fun FT crew brought to us.

P.S. I'm from Shanghai and you have many fans here in China!