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My get well present to me!


I've been laid up for about a month, in and out of the hospital while the docs tried to figure out what the heck is going on. Finally got a diagnosis, an auto-immune disease called dermatomyositis. Thankfully, I'm on the mend but its going to be a long road until I'm back up to speed.

So, I figured I'd buy myself a get-well present, the Durafly Corsair from HK's US warehouse. I placed the order yesterday afternoon and received the "shipped" email about an hour ago. Very good turn around time! I've wanted this plane for a long time and am very excited to finally have it in my clutches!

Does anyone else have this one? Any advice to offer?


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I hope to read a compare between the durafly and the parkzone planes. The Durafly is a little larger with retracts and bling? Get Well and get flying - and dont forget your balsa planes.


I'm a care bear...Really?
Advise for the medical problem, or for the hobby? For the hobby i say you contract yourself out to ft and start cutting. The medical side........ enjoy and good drugs they give you, but dont play with a hot glue gun or sharp blades.

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Get well soon Teach! I think that you will be back up to speed in no time.:D

Do build something in balsa.
Its cheap, fun, and often almost as fast to build as a foamy.
I also like how they fly better. It comes from the covering decreasing drag, and making a more scale flight.
My Cessna, which I haven't posted on of late, was a very fast and enjoyable build, up until I tried 30 year old covering on it!:eek:
Get well soon!


Thanks, guys! I do have several projects that I've been neglecting. First and foremost is the sailplane I began building months ago, the one I said would be a quick build.:black_eyed: It would be quick if I'd just build that damned thing. I might drag it upstairs and get back to work on it!


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Sorry to hear you've been ill teach. Hope you get well real soon, as you said a good time to spend building. Shame it's during your summer so you're missing good flying time.


Glad to hear you're doing better and what was ailing you has a name. To those who have never gone through the "What is wrong with me" can play havoc on your brain not knowing. Having Dr's poke and prod you only to shrug and order more tests gets old fast. Been there done that Teach, like I said glad your doing better.