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My take on the Smash Drone

There are some articles posted by CStence he called his plane the smash drone. i thought this could be a nice simple fpv plane that uses the powerpod. i'm making a few modifications along the way. firstly i'm not using the old fogey wing, i'm using my 40 inch armin wing i have from another plane i built, this has ailerons, so it should fly a bit nicer :)
ive also made a straight slope down the front, rather than a curve, cause im not good at cutting two curves the same lol

I plan on building a flat section at the front that'll have my fpv camera on it. but we'll see how that ends up.

as far as the plans go, they are pretty good, i found though, that the fuselage is too wide for the powerpods, i found there is about a 5mm gap between the spacers they make and the powerpod, i prefer a much more snug fit, so for the forward spacer i added two smooshed pieces of foam and it makes it a much more snug fit

because i'm using a wing that has a shorter camber than the old fogey i've had to do different mounting options for the bbq skewers than what was in the plans.

anyway, its still a work in progress, shouldn't take too long to get it up and flying :)

my smash drone.jpg
well clearly my last post generated a ton of attention, here it is, complete. I'm just waiting on some new props so i can take this baby out for a spin. :)


there is a slight problem though, and i wonder if you guys can help, when i glued on the horizontal stabiliser, its on a slight angle compared to the wings. the rudder is perpendicular to the horizontal stab, but yeah, the whole tail is twisted a little bit. Are there any simple ways of correcting this? i feel if i try to pull off the horizontal stab it'll rip up the foam and mean i have to build a new one. Thoughts?



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It will still fly but it will do funny things when you control using the rudder or elevator. I had a polyhedral glider that had that same issue. I eventually ended up cutting the tail loose and redoing it. It did make a difference, but not a huge one. If it's easy to fix, I would go ahead and do it, but if it looks like it will do more damage by trying, then just leave it and see if you can live with it. With ailerons, it might not be as bad as mine was...
76 views and only one reply. I presume you are all in awe of my plane lol

Anyway. Knowing the way I love to high five the earth with my planes, I've decided to add a little bit extra to my plane. it doesn't look snazzy, but it should help save my arse. I had a bit of a pool noodle laying around. Thought I'd put it to some good use.


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"Knowing the way I love to high five the earth with my planes", great metaphor (know exactly what you mean) and great solution!

Not yet mate, I was waiting on a new motor to arrive, as my blue wonder would be a bit too under powered. But I finally got my new motor and made a new power pod yesterday. Hopefully I'll get a chance to fly it next weekend.
Well done. Hard to tell from pics but do you have something between wing and fuse to minimize twist? I typically ran a rubber band under wing where it mated to fuse...otherwise wing can twist off center a tad leaving you with some strange in the air tendencies.