1. M

    Hey guys does any one have shinden plans or where can i find those plans

    hey guys hope your all doing fine. so im kind a new here and i was just looking at different flite test plane one aircraft that catched my eye was the Shinden how ever when i searched for the plans i was unable to find any so it would be a big help if anyone can send me those. I plan on making...
  2. F

    Nano Bixler?

    I had a bixler that seemed to be bullet proof and I absolutely loved flying it. I had an fpv set up on it and could get 20 minuets plus per battery. I sold it at some point and have wanted something like it since. I had toyed with the idea of making a tiny trainer into a pusher as I want...
  3. Matthewdupreez

    FTFC21 - Seaplane Design & Build by Matthew du Preez, Lake Super Buccaneer

    the reason i have chosen this plane is i have always loved the piper comanche and this planes looks like an amazing hydro comanche. plans are in the post below..... the power pod in the plans is incorrect... so please use your own power pod..... scale it down to 50% for a mighty mini. or leave...
  4. ark

    Twin Boom Simple Stick Pusher

    Thanks for your help with my questions about using bevel cuts vs a/b folds (I'm now a huge fan of bevel cuts) and also about adding weight or making it longer to get the right CG (I had to make it really long!). I finished my Twin Boom Pusher based on the Hangar Simple Stick and maidened it...
  5. CraftyPilot

    Plane Micro size Long EZ 1.1

    This is my take on the classic Long EZ but in a small size. It has a wingspan of 560mm and should weigh about 100g including battery and electronics. It's not a beginner build and will take some effort to trim and fly. There is not build video as the small amount of parts shouldn't be too hard...
  6. Vimana89

    Plane V Sliver RET Slender Delta Plans 1.0

    Design by: @Vimana89, Plans by: @Grifflyer Backup Link to Resource: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JP_sKCV5zlaentR8iQQS0EJbMd0irnKC/view --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  7. Aero_Knight

    FT Style Mini P-38/61 "Black Lightning"

    There is a post for future FT Plan Ideas and there was some discussion on the P-38 and I decided to jump in and do a design from scratch and it ended up being a bit more than what the original goal was. Thoughts, opinions, ideas are welcome while I finalize the design. Here is the result of a...
  8. FoamyDM

    PRANDTL-D Foam Board Wing by FoamyDM

    This is Reserved for my Attempt to build a PRANDTL WIng as featured on an FTCC when they spoke with NASA engineer. The one that flies with *proverse* Yaw I looking into it here: http://www.amaflightschool.org/PRANDTL and https://www.nasa.gov/centers/armstrong/news/FactSheets/FS-106-AFRC.html...
  9. FoamyDM

    FTFC19 - April Showers by FoamyDM, Savoia Marchetti S55X (Porco Rosso)

    For the FTFC19 April Showers Challenge I will submit one From Scratch build that is in my idea folder: Savioa Marchetti, SM-55 depicted in Porco Rosso This was a real plane. First as a military vehicle then turned into a commercial endeavor. This has been done in Balsa Before, and as part of...
  10. B

    Pusher vs. Puller propellers

    Many times, when looking at various RC planes, the propellers are often in the front or back. If you are designing and building a plane and had the option of either a puller or pusher propeller, is there any difference between the two? If so, how does the position of the propeller affect the...
  11. 8

    slot prop vs pusher

    I'm designing some more jets and would like to know which is better. having a slot prop type set up or have the motor right at the back. Is one system better than the other?
  12. S

    FT-22 motor and prop help

    I built my FT-22 but I am confused on how should the prop and motor be and which way should rotate I need help . I have a pusher prop . Should the letter side of the prop faces the front or back of the plane? Should the motor rotate cw or ccw when I am looking to in from the back?
  13. C

    Voyager Project - FPV Pusher Platform

    This is my first scratch build and I must say I am quite pleased with it! It is pretty nose heavy but I believe some design changes can fix that. Let me know what you guys think! Thanks! ~ Smooth Flying
  14. smithhayward

    Sci-Fi Cylinder Pusher - Should I Attempt Such an Undertaking?

    Anyone think that building something like this would even fly. I'm new to the hobby, but I always say go big or go home. I'm sure alignment of the front spars with the little wings would be key. Anyone have other thoughts, suggestions, warnings? It's basically a pusher. I'd plan to put the...
  15. A

    Scratchbuilt Pusher flown before Thunderstorm

    https://youtu.be/rVuXLh9Tdy0 Put my Mobius camera on the nose of my scratchbuilt pusher, the design of which was inspired by user dharkless's no-waste twin tail trainer, and the FT Bloody Wonder's wing design. A storm was rolling in, and I saw an opportunity to get some unique (for me) video...
  16. B

    Forward swept, Canard, Pusher...Raiden

    Hello Friends. I've been working on a new project. I think I've stumbled on to one of those happy accidents. She's a Forward swept pusher with canards. I built her from DTFB in Flitetest Fashion. I'm sure you could adapt the plans to your building techniques. I used a Sunny Sky X2212-9 1400KV...
  17. SP0NZ

    Versa/Blunt Nose/Pun Jet - MASHUP

    It's been almost two years since I destroyed my last Versa Wing. It was a pusher and I managed to fold the wings on it, it was a pretty spectacular event. Since then, I started to build a Blunt Nose Versa, but scrapped the whole thing after I found out my Turnigy 2200 mAh 3S1P LiPo's wouldn't...
  18. pinpoint45

    good 8 inch Prop for Versa pusher (powerpack B) ?

    I'm looking to build a versa pusher by the end of this month and I have everything pretty much sorted, except I am not sure what to purchase in the way of props. i know it has to be 8 inches. I want to be sure i get the right type and from a quality manufacturer. do you have any suggestions...
  19. Habakkukk

    Star Wars X-Wing proof of concept flight

    Ok so I'm planning on building a large 60in by 64in x-wing powered by 4 64mm edf's. I started the process by building a half scale version as a pusher. The concept worked great, it's essentially a bi-wingwith forward swept wings in x-configuration. The forward sweep gives great elevator control...
  20. S

    FT Versa Pusher (setup?)

    All: I am a complete noob to the RC plane world and when my son showed me some videos of foam built planes I was hooked and look forward to spending time with him with the hobby. We plan on getting a Mini Slowbipe to learn on but want our second plane to be a FT Versa Pusher. I've already...