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My Tiny Whoop only flies for 10 seconds - HELP?!?!

I bought a Blade Inductrix and upgraded the motors to Tiny Whoop 19,000Kv, the batteries to Nanotech 200mah 35c - 75c 1s and added an FPV cam. It flew ok with no mods but now it will only fly for 10 seconds before it plummets to the ground. When I check the batteries the voltage is 4.00v so I can't understand why it won't fly. Can anyone help?!?! :(


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Trix, what's your all up weight?

Did you break in the new motors (low throttle for 3-4 batteries) before going all out wide-open throttle?

Where'd you pickup your 19,000 kv motors? (What brand)

Do your batteries use the stock inductrix power lead (super tiny micro plug)? You'll likely want batteries that have a JST-PH-2.0 plug to deliver the amps needed for those motors.
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