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My tricopter idea


Stuck in Sunny FL
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There's nothing there to dampen any vibrations. You have the motors hard connected to metal tubes, which are hard connected to the CD's.

The props and motors will need to be perfectly balanced, in order to reduce the vibrations.

As to the CD's being too soft. They might allow for some bending/warping. You could try gluing two CD's together for both the top, and bottom plate. That could help.


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Hard Disc platters vs CD discs might work in that they are 0.4-1mm (usually depending how old they are) sheets of very stiff aluminum & ceramic.

I have a crap load collected from old hard discs. For a boom plated frame, it would be a decent material, if not a bit small and heavy. But a decent size for a 250-350mm quad. :D



Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
CD's are brittle and shatter easily when trying to drill or otherwise work with them. I collected several thousand when I worked for the local ISP and have not found but one decent use for them. TARGETS! ;)


Just thought I'd give this an update.
I finally ordered the parts about 2 weeks ago (my gf's anni gift for me) and finally put it together today.
Everything is almost good. I got it up in the air, but the rudder has a lot of slop. I think i can fix it but double-ing up the bearings.
also need to fix the vibrations. or learn to better tune the gyro.

But the idea works. it's super cheap and it works great. The most expensive part of the project is the servo holder, and the tail fin holder which is holding up the motor.