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Nano Quads that form Cooperative 3-D Formations


Gremlin on the Wing

I think with todays technology, we could do something similar to this just using a Kinect, and a swarm of mQX with onboard sensors. The technology is there, it would just be a matter of putting it all together!

So get started Chad, and David!:D


Rotor Riot!
Next thing you know, they are not tiny and cute, they are 1 meter across and carry automated AK47's...

But then we'll give them the Space Invaders treatment!

Sorry for posting this, I just had to...



Senior Member
Yeah, it's true it's amusing to watch, too bad it's pretty much useless at the same time. Everything here is controlled by a central (remote) computer, thanks to some depth (ranging) camera and pretty simple software, so it's very limited (by camera's filed of view, transmiter's range etc)... but I think that in not a very distant future similar drones will be able to operate independently and run some AI software that will enable them to sense position of every drone in the swarm, cooperate with other drones, communicate with each other exchanging data and maybe even combine their computing power together to run more advanced AI routines faster and more effectively (or run AI software on a cluster of all nodes/drones ("nodrones"? :D) in the swarm like it's a single, expandable, distributed unit)... Technology indeed is there - but still - it's a long way (well - it's an expensive way for sure).

There is a reason for creating robot swarms, and this reason stands in clear opposition with the idea of controlling the swarm from a remote, central point (base, computer etc). I think it's waste of time and nothing more than a child's play...
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