National Museum of the US Air Force


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It would be a bit of a trip for you guys from the Canton area, but there is a really great museum in Dayton, Ohio. The National Museum of the US Air Force.

If you have not been there yet, you MUST go! I'd recommend spending a week there. ;) The place is H-U-G-E ! They have guided tours of the restoration area on Fridays if you register ahead of time. Might see if your Rotor-Riot friends can join you and get some whoopin' in there too.


PS, swing by and pick me up on your way through Columbus...

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I go there at least once a year. I have a cousin who lives 10 minutes away and her husband is a retired Lt. Colonel who was stationed there. The kids absolutely love it and they can't get enough! They've recently completed work on an annex and brought their Presidential aircraft and experimental aircraft collections into it so you no longer need to take a shuttle bus across the base to visit.

I have a BUNCH of photos from our last trip, mostly of the old annex before it was moved. If anyone wants to see them I can upload them to an album.


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I know someone who basically camps in that museum (we were joking about him sleeping in cargo bays, he said cockpits are better)
He knows every little detail about every single item in there!

(fun fact, the cornfield bomber is in that museum!)


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This was a very cool place to visit. My father (an airbus a-320 captain) and I went down October 1-2 for the WWI Dawn Patrol event and to view the museum. I think we spent 12 hours between the two days on just the museum and still didn't see everything.