Naza Lite TX Loss RTH Programming

I have been through the steps to program my receiver to go to failsafe mode with a Naza Lite FC and after going through the steps over and over if I shut off the TX it does not go to failsafe mode/RTH.

Here is what I have been trying:

RX: Spektrum DSM2

When flipping Gear it does go to FS and the yellow light flashes rapidly.


1. Turn everything on and get everything connected to the PC.

2. Make sure the control mode switch is working.

3. On the transmitter, go into the fuction list (click the wheel down)

4. Go to Servo Setup.

5. Flick your control mode switch and check to see which channel its on. GER, PIT, AX2 or AX3.

6. While watching the control mode switch postition on the naza assistant,
Remember the two percentages of travel for the CMS channel (we will be changing it back to this when we are done)
Now change the travel on the control mode channel servo travel until the tab moves away from either GPS or MAN. Move it to failsafe.

7. Once failsafe lights up blue, exit the assistant, unplug the copter from the pc, turn the copter off and then the transmitter.


9. Make sure everything is turned off.

10. Insert the bind plug into the correct port on the receiver (make 100% sure it says BIND on the port)

11. Plug in the copter/receiver. The receiver LED will start flashing. This indicates its looking for something to bind to.


13. Make sure your transmitter is OFF.

14. Now hold down the trainer button while powering on the transmitter. Hold the button until it says its binding.
Then release the trainer/bind button.

15. Once binding is complete the transmitter will reboot and go into normal flight mode. The LED on the receiver will now be solid.

16. Preset Failsafe binding is now complete.
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Independant of the Falisafe binding . . . what does the RX do when you power down the TX? You should see the behavior in the TX monitor page.

Effectively *any* flight controller has two ways for an RX to let it know it should go into failsafe -- a channel that should never go to a certian position suddenly goes there (setup in the RX's failsafe) or the RX simply stops talking to the control board . . .

Unfortunatly, there's a third option, and there's a *chance* you're getting bit by that now:

The RX decides since it hasn't recieved any new updates, it'll keep sending out the last thing it received.

Unfortunatly this is a somewhat common response from some "failsafe" RX's for the non-flight channels. In this case, there is simply no way for the Naza to know it's not listening to a live signal from a RX any longer (although they did try to build a clever idea into their default failsafe, but they had to scale back it's effectiveness, becasue it created too many "false positive" failsafe events).

Either way, the TX monitor page should show you which of the three are occuring on your RX's mode switch failsafe -- preset-hold, last-known-hold, or dead signal. If it's Last-known, unless you can change that in the RX's programming (knowing which RX you have might help), that RX will be unsutiable for failsafe.
Per your response I am guessing dead signal. RX is Spektrum 6CH AR6100e. I started out with an OrangeRX 6 CH, but was told to use spektrum. When the TX is turned off it does nothing, kinda. THR drops and stays in whatever mode was chosen before the TX was shut down.


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So, on the computer connected to the NAZA controller, you see the throttle drop when you turn off the TX? That seems to indicate the RX is behaving as if you have throttle failsafe setup. The procedure you outlined is different from what I had to do for APM -- with that system, the recommendation is to set the TX throttle rate limit to the lowest (max negative), BIND with the RX, then reset the throttle rate limit on the TX back to the normal (0) level.

At any rate, seems like the procedure you outlined worked if you see that behavior (throttle drops below whatever level it's at when TX is turned off) -- maybe in the NAZA software you can define the PWM level where the failsafe is triggered? Does that level have a numeric indicator? On APM, I had to set the PWM level for throttle failsafe to 950. When the TX is on, throttle is normally at 1000 (or so).

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The AR6100e Rx you are using looks to have what Spectrum calls SmartSafe™ failsafe. It means that only the throttle channel has a failsafe. The other channels stay where the last input told them to be..
Would an AR6200 or AR6210 work? Does DSMX work better then DSM2? Ar6210 is DSMX and the AR6200 is DSM2. I bought a bunch of receivers when I got into this hobby. This video shows an OrangeRX that works with what I am trying to do and I have 2 of these that look the same, but I cannot see the model.


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Would an AR6200 or AR6210 work? Does DSMX work better then DSM2? Ar6210 is DSMX and the AR6200 is DSM2. I bought a bunch of receivers when I got into this hobby. This video shows an OrangeRX that works with what I am trying to do and I have 2 of these that look the same, but I cannot see the model.

The AR6210 also has the "throttle only" failsafe...

I have a couple of OrangeRx R620 too. They have failsafe on all channels and should do what you want on your build.

For genuine Spektrum I think the 8-channel one has full failsafe...

On your Q about DSM2/DSMX I don´t know, sorry
This does not help me in anyway. It looks like you hijacked my thread. I am working with as stated in my posts and title Naza Lite w/GPS, DX8 TX and 6-CHAN RX's.
The R615x is not stated to have failsafe as far as I can see on the HK page... I used a R620 that had failsafe on all channels. It is only DSM2 though...

I have set up my Naza lite with FR Sky now, after upgrading the lite with V2 sw, so my Orange R620 is on my Bat bone V-tail.

Naza lite has an update?!?! :applause:

SCORE! I was able to find 2 R620's in a battle bot my wife built. I swapped her 2 for the 2 I bought since she will never use the failsafe feature.

I'll connect one up and try my steps.
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I have built 2 multi-rotors so far.

Hunter V-Tail 400 kit and just add FC and RX
FPV 250mm part by part

Just got a body for the V-Tail 3D printed