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need advice on choosing diy plans for quad frame

hey guys its great coming back here after a few years without serious building in the hobby for me
i have a lot expirience in fixed wing and scratch builds and i like this aspect of how flitetest used to be all about taking day to day materials and construcing them into a working flying frame.
i took a break from the hobby for about 2 years when studies swept away any free time i had :p
but now i decided to come back and fresh and to start to build and play with quads too.
im looking around and still havent chosen what flight controller il use but im not worried about it cause im sure il manage to figure out whichever one i choose.(im even thinking maybe in the beginning to just use some arduino+gyro i have already around with muliwii fw)
what im really trying to figure out is what size il best start with(frame+prop+battery size etc)
and when i started looking around for suggestions it seems like the materials that ppl make quads out of totally changed and all over theyre suggesting ready made cnc'ied frames
what happened to the wooden/aluminium/carcon fiber/ rodds that u can buy in every simple store and construct your own quad from what u have around and simple made frame that can hold itself?
can anyone give me some advice on finding a good plan for a nice size plans versatile quad and qhat size to choose?
(sorry for the long and winding backstory ;) )


Wake up! Time to fly!
Welcome back mate. Hope your schooling went well and your efforts paid off for you so that you may now enjoy the hobby again.

To help you out you first have to tell us what use you are planning for the quad as that will determine a lot of the materials and methods to use. Its not like you just cob things together like the early days. The gear is so well made now that planning combinations to specific tasks is necessary.

As for people recommending pre made carbon fiber frames testing, use, and MUCH abuse has shown this to be one of the best most durable materials for multi rotor craft. Its strength to weight is off the charts above and beyond most other materials at the moment. That said you do not have to go with pre built frames. You can design and cut your own depending on your skills. there are also companies that will cut your custom design for you nearly eliminating the health risks of dealing with carbon dust.

About your choice to go with Arduino and Multii wii.. Well thats way too old school to be honest. It is actually a safety risk using something that dated. I am not saying it cant be done just there are better things available now.

Give us an idea what you want to do with your build and we can all better come up with ideas to get you going in a good direction.
thanks yea i know that control boards came along way from then i was just saying i thought it would be cool

i plan to get into it step by step
right now i basicly want to build a cheap frame to fly around and learn to fly quads. i expect ofcourse as is in all things in this hobby to crash a lot :D
so i dont want a pricey very intricate design i need something that can break still be fixable
ofcause for a first quad i dont want to but too much money for expansive parts that i can jst crash to pieces
but i still want room to develop as i get used to it maybe to do some aerobatics i thought to go in the 300-350 rnage of quads but im not sure if its best to start from that size range so thats why im asking
about multwii i thought to use it because as i looked around i got the impression that its still good and relevent softwere and it evolved and got better
but im sure i dont have the best idea on whats god right now.
thanks for the help!
(btw im still working on my degree its just for the first part i wanted to put all my focus on my studies untill i get used to the routine)
Just a thought; I bought a $20 (Furibee F36) just to learn to fly since it is cheap, almost indestructible, fly inside without damage to things. It was a good, cheap, learning tool. Even as I progress, it is still fun to fly. For me, the Makerfire Armor 65 Lite has been a good FPV acro trainer for about $50.