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Need Help ASAP

Need Help Choosing a Plane

Hello everybody,

Im having a difficult choice between two planes, and thought that the people on this forum could help.

The two planes I am deciding between is the:

"Hobbyzone sports cub S" (https://www.modelflight.com.au/hobbyzone-sport-cub-s-rc-plane-rtf-mode-2.html)

And the:

"Durafly® ™ Tundra 1300mm" (https://hobbyking.com/en_us/durafly-tundra-1300mm-pnf.html)

The biggest difference is that the Sports Cub S has SAFE technology.

Please note that I have flown the older version of the HobbyZone Super Cub S before, and I need a trainer to help me learn aileron controls.

Can't wait for the help!

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The Sport cub and Tundra sort of fall into different category's.

How well could you fly your super cub? The Sport cub would be a bit of a step backwards if you flew well, and the Tundra is a fairly big step forward if not.

The Tundra is not Ready to fly, you need a radio, receiver, charger and battery.



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Difficult choice!:rolleyes:

I would save up and buy both. The sports cub is faster than the supercub and far more maneuverable whereas the Tundra has great and quality handling especially on landing.

You have a choice based upon where you want to go and whilst I know this would not help I could not make the decision other than to buy both. Now, Which one first:confused:.


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Would the thought to go with the Tundra and dumb it down with rates and expos be bad vs. something requiring a total rebuild if you happen to be beyond its capabilities with skill? I would rather buy one thing and grow into it then buy two things and shelve something before its time.

Besides, if the op has already successfully flown isn't it time to take the training wheels off (AKA Safe technology)
I have the Sport Cub S. It's very easy to fly, batteries are inexpensive, and overall it's a fun plane. It's small and very light, which means it gets pushed around real easy in a light breeze. I grew bored with it pretty fast, and tend to fly it when there IS a breeze for a little added excitement. If the wind is blowing, I'll catch it (throttle hold) rather than try to land it. Even with the AS3X doing it's thing...she bounces around ALOT.

I don't have the Tundra, but it's bigger, and won't get pushed around as much. Personally, if I were making the choice between those two...I'd go after the Tundra. Nerf it down with D/R and Expo, and grow into it.

Good luck!