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need help with centering + triming

so i have the spektrum Dxe and need some help. i was building the simple cub and glued my servos with the rudder and elevator all straight. as soon as i plug in the battery to test them, they both move away from center(too much to fix it with trim). I don"t have a servo centering machine and I don"t know what the issue is or what i should do. please help.


Elite member
You didn’t centre the servos before putting the horns on, the servo moves to dead centre as soon as power is applied from the receiver, so if you put the horns on before centering there’s no way to tell if they are in the middle.
You will need to open the fuselage, unscrew the horns, power on the TX/RX etc (PROP OFF) then re fit them.
You don’t need a servo tester to centre the servos, they do it from the receiver, people use servo tools as they are cheap and save you writing everything up just to centre a servo.