Need quiet vacuum bagging equipment, airbrush & compressor, carbon, kevlar, fiberglass, textiles, stepper motors - for self education, skill honing

hi I am working toward becoming a master of my craft, these things have been eluding my grasp financially

I know I know, get a job, well, I got a job, got two jobs in fact - but that's not gonna cut it and in order to attempt to create the world's most advanced aerobatic aircraft I need a little help! No sob story here, just don't have the cash. Inflation, and all that. Seems I got the pedal to the metal and goin nowhere. I'm not concerned with getting rich I just want to make cool planes.

I need the bagging equipment to be quiet because I live in a very small apartment with paper thin walls and I don't want to get evicted - so far the only option I've seen is a "gast" pump which appears to be upwards of $200 and the only folks suggesting what to get got theirs back in the 90s or something, or from a yard sale, and I Just haven't found any pie in the sky deals for a quiet vacuum pump near me lately. I really need it to pull a solid 29 for resin infusions.

Air brush, compressor another thing on the list

and stepper motors Nema-17s or the bigger ones... other CNC type stuff, I am 3D printing a 4-axis enabled hot wire foam cutter..

Why you should help me?

Because, I will make fantastic things, and life is short. I know I can always work hard, and save up the money, but life is short. Maybe the apocalypse is tomorrow, maybe it's a year from now, who knows! Help me make some cool stuff!

I often have a live stream on youtube of the work shop and I design and build nearly every day of the week, so you can see your sponsored equipment in action on the bench and the results in the air!
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