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Need Recommendations...

Hi Guys,
So i am planning on building a long-range Mapping and Monitoring Airplane,
I need a stable but fast airplane (up to 100 km/h), Can you guys give me some recommendations like wing span, airfoil type, Type of Plane, etc? :confused::confused:
No i don't have any experience, i am actually new to this kind of thing, I am just a mechanic in my team, and i am actually searching for an efficient design for that kind of mission... and by long range, i mean between 10-15 km

thank you for the link, very much appreciated


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Yeah okay. Well I don't have much experience with the big FPV planes, but the Believer reviewed on arxangles blog might be a good one. If I remember right, the flight time was around 2 hours.


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Ah okay.

Do you have access to a hotwire cutter CNC? How about foam? what type is available in your area? I use Knauf Insulation board, its XPS and 30 or 50mm thick.


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How's something like these? is this what your thinking it terms of design?


I am designing one of these out of XPS at around 1.8m wingspan for FPV, and it might work for you.

So if you want speed, you need something without to much drag so that would be a minus for the above design.

Are you planning on using for actual work or are you doing it for a project. you mentioned a team, can you give us any more details on that?

We are doing a project.. a research if you will.. it is a nice design but my team doesn't agree to use that kind of design..
We are looking designs similar to the believer uav, actually i think speed is second priority, the first priority is endurance..
When i mentioned team, i mean it is just a research team based on a college, we attend competition and stuff...


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Okay that makes more sense.

So you want ideas, tips suggestions etc. for your design. correct?

Some of the other members should chime in with some ideas soon...