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NerdNic chipmunk 65% with modded speed wing

Hello, I just wanted to share my results of building a flying the NN chipmunk 65%. I reduced the 800 size plans 20% used the original plans to make a one piece wing much like the sonic series P-39. added bevels and an added a crease line between the leading edge and first original crease line. The spar is one thickness of foamboard just like the mighty mini's Also servos are mounted on the top of the wing like the mighty mini Corsair. I used a popcicle stick to reinforce the area where the servo will be mounted since I cut a hole in the top of the wing and some reinforcement for the nose. Every thing else is straight forward except for the bottom plate which I used poster board which has been doubled up where the battery sits in the nose. It is bank and yank. My first flight went very well except I did not have enough elevator authority so I was unable to get a proper glide slope for landing. That since has been fixed and flown about 7 times. Electronics are a Suppo 2208 1800 kv motor , 7x5 apc prop, 1300mah 3 cell battery ,9 gram servos, 30 amp speed control.

wing 1.jpg wing 2.jpg tail.jpg nose.jpg complete.jpg color.jpg new.jpg