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New build.. The Beechcraft D17S Staggerwing - done


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Cant keep off.. fuselage is soon ready...
Different techniques is used to shape it.. skin at cowl, angled skin at front of windows.. and skin shaped at table edge without backpaper to behind the doors, where its scored and barbeque skewer used at inside to "stripe up" the skin as ribs, as the orignal. (as seen on picture)

DSC_0082 (1).JPG


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There are many things to like in this but I especially dig the ribs(y)
The plane was build by alu to behind the door, then it was wooden ribs with fabric further back.
I felt it was a necessary thing to get there, also on the top, and bottom section. Its one of the unique things with that airplane.


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Great job!! You do awesome work!!!
i was sitting reading a bit about this plane today. I fell for the unique design.... but .. A short while ago i made the "TEXACO" Mystery Travel Ship plane... Mr. "Beech" was one of the guys made that plane too...
Mystery Travel Ship airplane won a airrace in 34´of its class.
The Beechcraft Staggerwing won its class in the Bendix airrace in 36´ in LA...

Both planes have something with Mr.Beech to do, both was racers winning airraces, and surprisingly i made both... :sneaky:

Thanks, You know @Grifflyer , it aint so difficult, if have correct sized picture from side, front/aft, top and bottom... then you can measure the pictures, and do it quite scale correct. Yeah, some adjustments happends, some parts cutted gets wrong.. just to do it once more till fit.
The thing who is most needed, is measurement, check degrees, vertical / horizontally, follow propline, make thing straight at both sides!!


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No relax!! most of parts/build was ready, servos mounted for the rudder and elevator.. Next troublesome was to mount upper wing! Naaah, it slides easy at place.. but does it get correct against fuselage, and the other wing? centerline? angle of incidence? Did it fit chord line of the wing where the wing is mounted to the fuselage, and reference axis along the fuselage according to lower one?
Yeah, its "kind of" div. measurements needed, when building scratch. At least, here i got the upper wing correct too :)
Paint was done before wing mounted (easyer then..) even a little in cockpit. some decals got on..wheels with covers as originals earlyer model, for and aft is on...... well, the build is on way to get finished..Well windows, pilot eg and some touch-ups.. is still missing though..

DSC_0090 (2).JPG
DSC_0089 (1).JPG
DSC_0089 (1).JPG



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We have some snow here yet, but of course today its raing too.. well, glidetest needs done!! It glided perfect, even if got a "hasty" stop (landinggear as wheels aint ok for loose snow) CG was correct calculated.
Just to connect puschrods on the control surfaces at tail, and its ready !

A nice time buildning it, without any surprises, details as the ribs in fuselage aint easy show here though.
Set up with a 2208 1400kv brushless motor, and a 7x5 - 8x4 prop, 3s ven will give good performance


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