New Depron(?) foam board at Dollarama


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A couple of weeks ago, saw an interesting foam board show up at the the local Dollaramas. I've seen it in three colors; neon yellow, neon green and neon pink/red. It's 6mm, painted on one side and unpainted on the other. There is no paper on either sides. It is quite durable, seems resistant to warping and feels a lot like Depron. The sheet size is 20"x30" and weighs in about 100grams.

DSC_1472 (Large).JPG DSC_1471 (Large).JPG

I put clear vinyl tape on the painted side and a thin brown packing tape on the unpainted side for laser cutting. I laser cut a Cub (The FT Simple Cub was not out a couple of weeks ago out of neon yellow and a DR1 out of neon green. Will post pics when they're done.

Did anyone else try out this foamboard for a build?