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New from Toronto

Hi Everyone,

I came across the channel looking for a good starter to get my brother for his birthday. Ended up getting him a Hobbyzone Duet, but ever since i watched that episode I have not stopped watching or listening to everything Flite Test. Within a week I had a Tiny Trainer scratch built and a week later, after parts came in, I took the family to the park and had a really lucky maiden. That was about a month ago. Have since had many more flights and a few wrecks but the TT keeps flying.

A bit of background. About 5 years ago I got into Helicopters thinking, because of some of the clone kits, it would be fairly cheap. I quickly spent a lot of money and had very little reward(was way too nervous to crash). But I did play around with Phoenix at the time and tried planes. That's why i was so quick to jump on it when I saw the Flite Test videos. Only 1 month in it has been incredibly rewarding and i'm sure i'm hooked for life. I have two sons and a third on the way and am already looking at ways to get the oldest (3 1/2) into building and flying.

Anyways just wanted to introduce myself, I am sure i'll be asking many questions along the way and appreciate all the help.

Thanks again to Flite Test and the community.


2017-04-08 FT TT.jpg


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Wow Jon, perfect intro! So glad you get to do this with your family. Be sure to post when you get to behold the life soon to be born. How soon?

Welcome to the forum.
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Hey JON!

LOVE the post my friend! First off WELCOME to the Community! Also, SO glad to hear that you and your family are getting to do this together! Keep up the great work and CONGRATS ON THE NEW LITTLE MAN! ;)

Blessings and keep on keepin on!

Thanks Jim! God willing the new addition will be here in late October.

Thanks Stefan. Love the podcast I am going back and forth from the new stuff to the old. Actually right after a couple of batteries this morning was listening to the one where FT was interviewing Nerd Nic for the first time. That was pretty inspiring after a successful flight.


Thanks for the kind words Jon!

It is cool to be able to go back and listen to old stuff as well as new stuff on a regular occasion! I do that from time to time!
So excited for that new addition in October as well! Keep us posted!!