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New guy from Kenya

Hi everyone,
I live in Nairobi, Kenya

I've been flying RC Helis and Multirotors for years and have just ventured into the world of fixed wings.
My first attempt at a scratch built plane was the FT Cruiser. It has no electronics yet, as I feel it may be a bit much for my first plane!

I am in the process of building an FT Spear with the limited materials available locally, Should be up in the air soon!

Good to finally be here after so many months just lurking!

A quick snap from the workbench!
The FT Cruiser is taking up most of the space! up top from left to right - DJI F550, Armattan FPV Rev 2, Daya 680 (the inspirling)



Flite is good
Welcome to the forums. Share video and pictures as often as possible. Hope you enjoy your journey into fixed wings.


Wake up! Time to fly!
:cool: Welcome to the forums mate. Looking forward to seeing new parts of the world I have never seen as well as meeting someone else from a far away place. Good luck with the fixed wing change over. I am dipping my toes in that pool as well recently.
Welcome! As you can probably already tell, Flite test is a great community full of friendly people. If you have question we will be more then happy to help!