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New Guy From Northern Idaho

Hello all,
I have been watching the flight test youtube channel for a couple weeks, and I am hooked on RC flite now! I have a micro quad but I am very excited to start flying planes. I have build the FT Sparrow and the FT Simple Sorrer but im still waiting on my electronics to ship.
I am excited to join this community too learn and contribute as I become more educated.

Happy Flite!


Skill Collector
Welcome to the forums! I was just in Warren and Grangeville Idaho last week. Beautiful country up there. Lots of plane eating trees too - watch out for those . :)
Thanks all for he kind welcome! @ rockyboy I know I have driven through grangville one or twice but never visited. Yes those carniverouse trees are everywere! I landed my Simple Sorrer in one just yesterday! :p