New Guy here been watching for years needs some help to finally get started


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So guys Im super excited to finally get into this hobby. I feel like I have done a lot of research and have put together what will be a good build for my first plane would like some input and two questions answered. Here is my Proposed first build;

HobbyKing™ Bix3 Trainer/FPV EPO 1550mm Mode 2 (Ready-To-Fly)

HobbyKing™ HKSCM9-6 Singlechip Digital Micro Servo 1.6kg / 0.07sec / 10g (2X For Optional flaps)

Mobius Wide Angle C2 Lens ActionCam 1080p HD Video Camera

Mobius USB to AV Out FPV cable with Charging

ImmersionRC 700mW 2.4GHz Audio/Video Transmitter

ImmersionRC EzOSD FPV on Screen Display

For my Transmitter / Ground station Im planning on using the HK T6A V2 6ch 2.4 that comes with the Ready to fly Bix3

ImmersionRC Uno2400 2.4GHz FPV Audio / Video Receiver

7 inch 800 x 480 TFT LCD FPV Monitor with LED Backlight Fieldview 777

Universal Carbon FPV Monitor To Transmitter Mount System (to mount the fieldview 777 to the HK T6A)

ImmersionRC iTelemetry Dongle (EzUHF) (to hook to my Samsung Tablet or maybe just my phone)

So at this point my 2 questions are

?#1 To power my HK T6A Transmitter, Fieldview 7 inch monitor, and ImmersionRC Uno2400 Receiver, since they are all 12 V can I get something like a "XT60 to 3 X 3.5mm bullet Multistar ESC Power Breakout Cable" and hack and solder the 3.5mm ends into the connectors I need to power the 3 all at once off of a "Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack" ???

?#2 So I Know that the ESC has one 5v cable that comes off of it I know that the Osd I picked has a 5 v out that I can power my video transmitter with, that also has a 5v out that I can power my camera with, but where do I get the 5v i need to power my Receiver, I would assume that some kinda of 5v power spliter cable existences somewhere on the hobbyking website but I cant find it.

Well thank you in advance for anyone that helps me with this, and Im super excited to become part of this community, Ill upload a link to a youtube video of my first flight here too


First, hello and welcome to the obsession er, um, hobby. If you have never flown before I would suggest that you leave the FPV gear in the box for a short while as you learn. You will crash a lot at first and frankly I would be surprised if the Bix survives the initial learning. FPV is great but unfortunately adds several $ to the wreckage. That causes discouragement and has chased people away from learning. If you have learned to fly, my apologies and you should proceed. It looks like a fairly well thought out package. You will experience some delay or latency with the Mobius but depending on how you fly that may not be an issue. Racers find that latency causes crashes. It doesn't do any good if you don't see an obstacle until after you've already hit it.

1.) You should power your transmitter from it's own source and then use a 3s for the other 12v components. Powering everything from one source is asking for a brown out and if the transmitter goes down the plane will follow. (or worse, fly away) If the FPV goes down you only have to be able to see it to fly line of sight. The breakout cable is one way to do it. I personally buy wire and connectors and make my own.

2.) You can pull 5v from an empty servo channel or the battery port of your receiver. The ESC provides 5v to the receiver buss and it is present on the + and gnd pins on all channels. Just make sure the BEC in your ESC can handle the load. Alternately, you could use a separate 2s battery and a BEC to power your FPV gear separately again, reducing the possibility of the receiver loosing power and the plane flying off.

Hope this helps. Good luck,

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Just a suggestion for you. I would not even attempt FPV till you get some time under your belt just flying around.
As for your questions.... let's give it a shot.
You can build your own harness to power your gear or you might be able to find a 3 into 1 type harness. It might not be an xt60 but thats an easy fix. Just swap the plugs to the style you are using. Or you can get cable you are talking about and just put bullet connectors on the item you need to power or go the reverse and put matching plugs in place of the cables bullet connectors. The options are there. I would consider a bigger 3s battery though. That 2200 will not last that long with those three things being powered.

Question 2..... Most escs power your receiver. That's how it works. When you plug the servo lead into the RX that powers it. Now to power your other devices. Once again you have options. You could buy a power distribution board that has the ability to lower the voltage that is coming from your battery to 5v. You just add the connections to the right locations and you are now powering all your stuff.

But to be completely and brutishly honest with you, IMO ..... you are going to waste money right now buying the FPV stuff and trying to use it before you get comfortable flying. I've been flying for like three years now and I still get nervous flying fpv. I really enjoy flying LOS (line of sight) most times. Try flying with out this stuff first before you try to fly FPV.


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So I think that I figured out question #2 on my own looks like the ImmersionRC EzOSD FPV on Screen Display's Current sensor has a 5v output for the OSD, that can then power the transmiter, which then can power the camera