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"New HK OrangeRx DSM2 transmitter for Under $70"

"New HK OrangeRx DSM2 transmitter for Under $70"

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Have you been waiting for a fully programmable OrangeRx DSM2 transmitter? If so, your wish has been granted and at a price that's guaranteed to blow your socks off!!

The OrangeRx T-SIX is a brilliant, fully programmable 6 channel 2.4GHz DSM2 transmitter that is loaded with features. Covering just about everything for both fixed wing and helicopters, the T-SIX supports multiple wing types, multiple swashplate types, channel mixing, subtrim, exponential, dual rates, travel adjustment, servo monitor, graphic pitch/throttle curves, 10 model memory and so much more! This little gem even features an adjustable RF power output setting in the menu, allowing users to switch between US and EU power standards.

All of the programming functions are displayed on the large and easy to read backlit LCD display. You can easily navigate through the menus with the convenient scroll wheel, or by using the menu buttons. The menu system is very intuitive and easy to use, unlike some other transmitters on the market today that require studying of the manual to operate.

When it comes to powering your transmitter, the T-SIX has you covered for just about any battery type. It can operate on 4 x AA size Alkaline, NiMH or NiCD cells, but also features an in-built JST plug in the battery compartment allowing you to use a 2 cell LiFE or LiPO pack as well! The transmitter's low voltage battery alarm is adjustable via the menu to suit whichever battery chemistry you choose.

Because the T-SIX operates on DSM2, it is compatible with our full range of OrangeRx DSM2 receivers. We offer everything from 4CH micro to 9CH full-range receivers, all at a price that can't be beat! (see related items below for our list of compatible OrangeRx DSM2 receivers)

You simply will not find a better "value for the money" programmable DSM2 transmitter on the market today. OrangeRx T-SIX, available only at Hobbyking!

• Compatible with all DSM2 Receivers
• 6 Channel Operation
• Supports 3 Wing/Tail Mixes (Dual Aileron/Elevon/V-Tail)
• Supports 2 Swashplate Types (1 Servo 90°/CCPM 120°)
• 5 Point Graphic Pitch/Throttle Curves
• Adjustable Gyro Gain
• Dual Rates and Exponential
• Servo Reversing (all 6 channels)
• Channel Mixing
• Sub Trim and Travel Adjust
• Flaps and Differential
• Throttle Hold
• Large Backlit LCD Display
• 10 Model Memory
• Adjustable RF Power Output (US and EU Selectable via Menu)
• Integrated Timer
• Adjustable Stick Length
• Trainer Port
• Supports Alkaline, NiMH, NiCd, LiPo and LiFe batteries

Frequency: 2.4GHz
Modulation: DSM2
No. of Channels: 6
Model Memory: 10
Stick Mode: Mode 2 (left stick throttle)

OrangeRx T-SIX 2.4GHz DSM2 6CH Programmable Transmitter (Mode 2 version)
User Manual

2.4GHz DSM2 compatible receiver
4 x AA batteries or 2S transmitter battery w/JST plug


Can't beat the price. I am going to hold off on it to see if there are any major problems. One thing I don't see is the FCC sticker on it anywhere and also the fact that it uses regular old AA batteries. I know my old DX5e eats through them like nothing.
I'd never trust my ground link to disposable batteries. I wonder where the FCC cert process sticker gets put on??? This one could go to Europe or any other country so they wouldn't sticker it for the FCC regardless.

Foam Addict

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I don't know, My tactic radios have had the same AA's the had in Wisconsin in July, and I haven't had a single glitch in about 28 hours of flying time!
I've seen two different flashlight on and off with a wiggle "you know the routine, it's in EVERY movie where a flashlight cutting out is needed for the monster to pop up and say boo" was needed to reconnect with the plane. If my battery isn't in a solid connection with my operating gear I don't fly until I've made it so.

Just a personal thing. I don't trust anything I really care about to quick connectors either. YMMV, mine don't.


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Waiting for someone to compare with a DX6i.
There seems to be some improvements - specially the choise of batteries.
The Orange transparent plastic cover is really COOL.
Cant see the charge adapter. Is it a Futaba style buddy connector or some kind of programming connector at center upper back?


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Does kinda look like a cough drop don't it?
:applause: - That alone makes me want to order one !

Someone says - there is no charge connector.
Trainer connector is not Spektrum type.

Does anyone know if the T-six supports Model Match like the DX-series?
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Guys I'm With you about the Orange Color "But if some kid see's it and gets into the hobby and this is his first Radio I see it as a win"
Remember GWS back in the day had blue,yellow and even pink Radios (but they had black and gray also)

I like many do not see a 3 way switch! So that might be a issue..


Flying Derp
I don't see how this radio is going to survive. This OrangeRX TX is $65. OrangeRX is a HobbyKing brand, right? Turnigy is also a HK brand and the Turnigy 9XR is only supposed to be $49 but and you get three extra channels! What's up with that?


Propaganda machine
I think it's targeted at dyed in the wall Spektrum people who've already taken up the receivers as standard issue, and who might recommend these radios to friends getting into the hobby. I dare say the higher price might even suggest, subliminally at least, that it's a higher 'quality' product (function aside). I was intrigued by Scott's answer to someone saying this product was irrelevant because of the 9XR. He said 'it's just different, that's all'.

The 9XR is really for all intents and purposes a 9X with a (mostly) new shell, a new antenna and usb interface (and maybe microSD). Someone who wouldn't buy a 9x before is probably unlikely to buy a 9XR I reckon.
the only drawbacks i can point are the DSM2 Technology, the lack of a 3 way switch and the trainer plug,

would be better if it was like P2 conections like the turnigy/jr/spektrum

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Hey, wait a sec, I read the manual, and it says DSM2/DSMX or just DSMX or DSM2 in the Manual!
What's right? The website, or the Manual?
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I thought DSM2 and DSMX signals were generated by the tx. On my OrangeRx module, it automatically chooses the correct protocol, however you can switch between the 4 different ones (2 for DSM2 and 2 for DSMX), and they are definately different protocols (I've experimented with all the settings). I'd put money on the t-SIX being from the same manufacturer