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Plane looks good...welcome to the hobby!

An FYI, if you still got some time on that build (like a few weeks) I picked up 2 boxes of 20 props for like $3 off of Hobbyking. 1 box was 5 inch props and the other was 6 inch. Actually shipping cost more than the order...hate when that happens.


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I have never built a foam plan before so I Downloaded the free plane for the tiny trainer a few days ago. Few trips to the dollar store and Walmart and wahala.need to add reciver servos prop an battery
Nice clean build. Good luck with the maiden!


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hello very nice build. by the way is that a 2212-6 motor . if it is it might be a little bit too much. i used one time a 2205 and it was super fast but with that motor its going to be a rocket. good luck and have fun.