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just became a Flitest fan, because I found their FT Widgeon which really looks like a great model. I am new to fixed wing flying. I hope some of you guys here also fly the Widgeon with Aura5 and can help me setting this up properly.

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This covers the setup of the Widgeon itself:

The store page for the Aura5 has multiple videos regarding setting up the Aura5

I haven't flown the FT Widgeon nor used the Aura5, but have built/setup multiple planes and used other flight controllers.

At a high level, you need to use the Aura5 setup instructions, then just plug the servo leads into the aura instead of directly to the receiver.

if you get stuck at a specific spot, please let us know, make sure to provide pictures/etc and someone will likely be able to help you further.