NEW! MJX X102H Drone RTF - Altitude Hold - Auto Retourn - {Review} + improvements


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Hello friends, this time I will show you the last thing he has joined the pack, with a twist :)
I is the family of X-SERIES, I present my X102H!

He was eager to receive it. the truth if does everything it promises look good ... also with
these blades reversed, it seems bad boy has it !!. Well, to the point ...

This I have now in hand, is the new model MJX, the X102H X , the first thing that stands out are its inverted blades,
these blades are big! Almost as much as my phantom.
Never before I fly a drone with inverted engines, looks a bit strange, it seems that the drone is backwards ,,
but it recognizes that looks good!


This drone, has 2 different flight modes (L (slow) and H (Rapido)), also incorporates very new to what is usually
quadcopteros this range of functions.

can keep up (with barometer)
can take off and land automatically
You can return to automatic home and more things that story below ..


Another detail to note is its enormous size. We're talking about 50x50cm, nothing small.
I was surprised that your battery is only 7.4V even after mounting and weigh it, I understood
which it is large but lightweight. We will see that such behaves in flight.

EL model X102H X is that comes without camera , (the camera can be purchased separately.

in the X104T model The camera comes with the drone **)
It also brings support for gopro or similar. If it appears that this drone is focused more on recording
and photography has pirouette. In fact, I think it does flips and acrobatic turns. Also they mediate app
in the mobile or tablet you can do FVP.
** See Link below


The controller is of type (spring centered) you go to the desired height and can release the accelerator.
The control routine returns to center waiting for new instructions. You want to know all functions of command? have a look to this video:


Well, I think X102H is for who is more interested in the subject photography and videos in pirouettes
or acrobatics. Hey, by that I do not say that this drone is not fast ,, in its most aggressive mode can reach
be fun, but of course, response is slower than many others, because of the size and elices riding,
and construction itself, I think it could be compared has take curves with a 4x4 xD


let's take a quick look at the features offered by this drone and discuss the most interesting.
Also I left below some links with more information that I have gathered from this model.

Key Features:

Maintains altitude : It does not have GPS, but it has installed a number of components that help you be more stable in flight.
Maintains altitude (acceptably) and its mode of "slow" flight respondecon fine movements. (Good forrecording with the camera)

off automatic : This drone, also takes off and land alone (if you wan to).
With the red button of the controller, one sort pulse to the red buton and motors and lights begin to turn. (But not off take off)
another short press the red button and the Drone take off the ground automatically.

To land, once you have the drone a few meters, if you press the red button again during flight it will land alone.
(You even can control the rolling direction for to control the drone as it descends (In case it was more wind than normal)
Although generally low fairly straight and controlled alone.

automatic return : This function allows you to return the drone (to the transmiter) automatically.
Only it works in headless mode, and is activated by a short press the button beneath red).
Once automatic return, any movement is made in command (up or down)
exit of the autoretourn. Also if you press the same button it will cancel the order..

6 axis gyro : It provides good stability in flight, both indoors and outdoors. (Days with much
wind, given its considerable size and low weight, it can be a bit more difficult to handle)

LED lights in Dron . When night came and I could see the lights that have led, I was impressed enough. They are very cool lighted eyes
and went from being a flying frog to look more like an alien ship.




3D printing improvements
Well, as you know, I also like to do some things for my rc. For this particular model,
I thought of adapting the hook that brings to the video camera and there attach a battery pack I have of
same voltage but different size. (Not fit).

I also thought to give a ridge, aahah to terrify the moskitos that is by the way ,,
the velvet and face of "frog" have.

Well, these or any other of the things that happen and I have to do with the X102H, i will share they here in
this thread. suggestions for improving this drone welcome, please post any occurrence that you have :)

3d Improvements:
Crest frightens moskitos
Support larger battery
Gopro support (with protective casing)


Pros and cons
After all, this drone has exceeded my expectations ,, remember that we are talking about a drone
less than 60 € which includes everything you need to put your camera and can record amazing videos.
at less to me, seen in this way, I think it worth buying if you are thinking started in the worldthe drones.

Of course that is far from a drone of € 350, no miracles, but if this MJX x102H solutions and think it isa practical and economical solution.
I had fun flying this drone, you can see the videos I uploaded **
Internet in this thread.

I hope to share some soon.
** See Link below

Look different and striking
low price
easy menejo
RTF complete kit
brings some parts
Common Battery (You can use other easily)

flight inside
Low weight (for my taste)
gimbal can mejorarase (camera shake)
walking distance control (being FPV should have more range)


Recommended Links:
MJX technical details here:
Video camera for MJX here:
Where to see more videos? here:
Where to buy here:
Where to buy camera included here:

Battery hack for this great Drone.
if you like to print your one, you can get the .slt ready to print file here:

Well here I leave, I hope you serve something to someone.

Thank you very much for getting here! I hope soon to put new things ..

a greeting
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Just upload the ideo of the first flight of my H102x ,, i instal my gopro on it with electrical tape xD