New Taranis, only channels 1 and 2 working?

Okay, I'm sure I've made some sort of noob mistake, but I've got an FT Arrow with a brand new D4R-II in it. Setup a new model as a flying wing with elevons. The mix is in there with Elevator and Aileron mixed 50/50 on channels 2 and 3, which are what I set for the right wing and left wing, respectively.

  • Throttle works fine.
  • Only the servo plugged into channel 2 works.
  • I have the ESC on channel 1.
  • If I switch the servos for the elevons between channels 2 and 3, then the other one starts working on channel 2 and the one on channel 3 stops. So both servos are good.
  • I've got another RX, so I plugged it in and bound it to the TX for the same model. The behavior travels to the other receiver as well, so either I'm very unlucky and got two receivers with the exact same issue, or there's nothing wrong with either of them. Pretty sure there's nothing wrong.
  • RF mode is set to D8.
  • Channel range is 1-8.

What did I miss?


I had a similar issue on my Flysky transmitter the other day setting up v-tail, all the servos worked so I concentrated on the display screen on the radio. When displaying stick movement on the screen are the sticks acting the way they are supposed to? The visual is what directed me to the right solution after a lot of frustration.
Oh jeeze. I'm an idiot. Had the servo plugged into channel 3 backwards. I assumed all four channels were oriented the same direction.

Like I said, noob mistake.