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New Thick Foam Airplanes


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Anyone have a power plant picked out for these 185% models? I have a couple of larger Turnigy models that I'll probably try. I'm planning to get to FliteFest with plans printed & electronics in hand to build a not-so-tiny-trainer and maybe an FT Racer.

If I understand it correctly the weight of the airframe should be 1.85x1.85x1.85=6.33 times the original weight. I might have to renew my subscription to eCalc to work out how much oomph I can get from the parts I have.


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My understanding is that the foam has a different density so that will change things a bit. I have also seen giant scale FT motors in episodes like the car drop from the skyvan.


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Well, a lot of the FT planes already have removeable wings like the Explorer, Cub, Guinea Pig, and even the Spitfire. But I'm not sure the guys will redisign the planes for the thicker foam. My money is on that they say that you'd have to mod it yourself. Heck, they never even finished redisigning the the few planes they said they were going to like the p-51. Not to mention even release other planes like the p-39 they've had in the background of the last few videos or the infamous Shinden they said they were gonna bring out 3 years ago and then again a year ago... Lol

Anyway, long story short, I wouldn't hold my breath for redesigns any time soon.
Ahhhhh...the Shinden rocket plane!!!!