Help! New to rc I was wondering if someone could help me out with how to print tiny trainer plans.


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Hello I am looking to get into RC I was wondering if someone could help me find how to print the plans for the tiny trainer. Do I just print it off my home printer with 8.5 by 11 printer paper?


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Take the tiled A plans (make sure you get the A plans), and print them off at 100%, after that you can cut off overlapping edges and glue or tape the pages together. If you need help tiling let us know, lots of different ways and opinions, good luck with the build ;).


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like they have said it’s pretty simple. Print off the tiled plans and tape them together best you can. The plains have pretty good tollerence so they don’t have to be perfect. I also highly recommend getting some spray adhesive and putting them on poster board from the dollar store so you can make quick replacement parts for your crashes. HAVE FUN!!


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Always check and see if there is a @SP0NZ version of the plans, they’re much better ;).
That’s a Sp0nz plan modified and includes the full plans which is two wing halves. The original sp0nz version had one wing half which makes you have to remember that you need a mirrored version of the wing not two wings the same :). Fell there a few times and had to recut a wing half annoying.


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While you are the dollar store, pick up a couple sheets of posterboard (2 for a dollar here).

Once you get your plans printed out you can glue them on the posterboard and make more durable "templates".
That will make laying out your second (or third) much easier.

Another option to printing is to start with the full sized plans and use the "poster" option when you print (most printer drivers have it).
That will break the full sized plans into pages as well. (6 of one, half a dozen of another.)

and Oh, welcome!

If you have difficulty reach out, there are a ton of people here who have probably struggled with the same problem.
Also (if you can) try to record your first few flights, we like to celebrate with you (or morn...) either way please share your adventure.